CRM For EdTech companies

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CRM for Ed Tech companies

EdTech companies, like any other business, need to manage and maintain relationships with their customers (students, educators, schools, and other institutions) in order to be successful. A CRM (customer relationship management) software can help EdTech companies streamline these processes and improve overall efficiency.

Main Features

1. Tele calling - Call center management

2. Integrations -,, Website, Facebook, Google, Knowlarity, ConVox, Exotel & more

3. Lead Manageent - 360 degree coverage

4. Email marketing - Create,compose,send bulk/idividual mails to leads and customers

5. Automation - Automate lead journeys

6. Mobile app & more

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Benefits of PipeCycle CRM in increasing Admissions

One of the key benefits of a CRM software for EdTech companies is the ability to centralize student, educator and institution information. This includes contact information, enrollment data, and usage data. Having all of this information in one place makes it easy for staff to access and manage, and eliminates the need for multiple systems and databases.

Another benefit of a CRM software is the ability to automate communication and messaging. EdTech companies can use the software to send targeted messages to specific groups of students, educators or institutions, such as reminders about upcoming events or important deadlines. This can save time and ensure that important information is being communicated effectively.

A CRM software also allows EdTech companies to track and analyze student's usage of their platform, this helps to identify areas where students are struggling and provide additional support or resources that can help them. Additionally, it can also track student's progress and provide reports on their performance and learning outcome.

In addition, a CRM software can also help with event planning and coordination. EdTech companies can use the software to manage attendance, create schedules, and track participation. This can make organizing events much easier and more efficient.

Lastly, CRM software can provide insights and analytics on customer's behavior and preferences, it enables EdTech companies to understand the needs of their customers, which can help to improve their product or service and personalize their communication.

Overall, a CRM software can greatly benefit EdTech companies by streamlining processes, improving communication, tracking student's performance and usage, and helping with event coordination. It can help to increase the efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction of the company.

In summary, EdTech companies need CRM software because it can centralize student, educator and institution information, automate communication and messaging, track student's performance and usage, help with event planning and coordination, and provide insights and analytics on customer's behavior, which can all lead to increase in efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction and better communication with their target audience.


Check out the complete list of awesome features

Drive More sales using PipeCycle

Get actionable insights about prospects, automate several tasks and close more deals faster than your competition.

Lead Management

Turn every channel into a revenue channel and drive business growth. Automatically Capture leads and sales enquiries from websites, emails, social channels, phone calls etc.

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Deal Management

Success of any business lies in proper monitoring and management of Sales pipeline. Visual pipeline helps you to stay abreast with all the deals in various stages

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Contact Management

Get 360� customer view on a single screen. Communicate with your contacts across various channels. Access conversation history for every contact.

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Sales Automation

Focus on important stuff and put the rest on autopilot. Create rules & workflows to Automate follow-ups, Automatically assign deals to users. Connect PipeCycle with other productivity apps.

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Location Tracking

Capture Leads location, find Leads near you. Automatically capture team members locations and view on Map

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Calls Management

SIM based Call Management CRM for SMEs. Manage all your business calls, auto capture call statistics. Access to real-time reports & also call recordings

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Access PipeCycle from anywhere anytime !!

PipeCycle is available on web and mobile apps.

Android Devices

PipeCycle Android App is being used by thousands of users across the globe. Download the latest version from the play store and experience the simplest CRM ever.

Apple Devices

PipeCycle iOS app is compatible on all iOS devices. Download the latest version from App store


Access Web version of PipeCycle on your desktop/laptops.

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App Downloads


App Rating


Happy Clients

$ 750 Mn +

Closed Deals

Effortlessly capture Leads..anywhere anytime

Add Leads/Contacts to PipeCycle from both online and offline channels.

Turn every channel into a revenue channel and drive business growth. Automatically Capture leads and sales enquiries from websites, emails, social channels, phone calls etc. Leads can be added to pipecycle account in multiple ways

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  • Fill a simple form
  • Import from your phone contacts
  • Import from your call logs
  • Bulk Upload
  • Scan Business cards
  • Leads from facebook Lead Ads
  • Leads from linkedin
  • Leads from Indiamart
  • Leads from Knowlarity SR
  • Your website Enquiries

Automatically assign leads from different source to different salesperson. Automatically send emails to both leads and the respective sales person about the new lead addition.

Lead Management made easy

Closely monitor pipeline

Success of any business lies in proper monitoring and management of Sales pipeline. PipeCycle helps you to effectively monitor and manage sales pipeline. Leads can be put into various buckets and important leads can be tagged

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  • View all leads in one screen
  • Check the pipeline size and value
  • Filter leads based on multiple crtierias
  • Sort leads based on various parameters
  • on-time Notifications

Everything you want to know about a deal is in a single place - deal size, owner, status, history and more.

Customizable Pipeline and Custom fields

PipeCycle is flexible to accomodate various customizations as needed by your business

  • Customizable sales pipeline stages
  • Set the order of deal stages
  • 360� view of sales pipeline
  • Customize the fields for each of the leads

Create and share Price Estimates instantly

With PipeCycle, you can create price estimates(quotations) and share with the lead instantly

You can customize the Price estimate as per your business needs.

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  • Customizable Estimates
  • Share it on whatsapp / email
  • Estimates are always available

Team Management & Collaboration

With PipeCycle, you can manage teams of all sizes

  • Create multiple teams
  • Assign specific role to every user
  • Find who is the sales superstar and who is lagging behind

Tasks & Activity Management

Easily manage tasks and activities

  • Create tasks & assign to anyone in the team
  • Automatic message to assignee
  • Task completion alert
  • Reminders on overdue tasks

Statistics & Reports

Easily access various real-time reports on Pipecycle.

  • Multiple charts on dashboard
  • Comprehensive Reports on email
  • Multiple Important Reports
  • Daily status Report on email

Thoughtfully built to help salespeople win more deals

PipeCycle is carefully built to ensure your salesforce spend more time on selling than admin. Our users find PipeCycle very easy to use and simple to understand. Sales folks should focus on important stuff and put the rest on autopilot with automation in PipeCycle.

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  • Efficient Lead Tracking               Impactful Lead Nurturing
  • Actionable Insights                     Real-Time Reporting
  • Dashboard & Reports for every user
  • Tasks Management                   Visual sales pipeline
  • Set up in minutes                       Highly Secure
  • Say goodbye to complex softwares. PipeCycle makes it easier for everyone to access any feature in the app through it's intuitive User Interface. In PipeCycle, almost all the features are just 3 clicks away.

A CRM App which works well for business of any size

PipeCycle is business size agnostic.

  • Suits individuals
  • Teams of any size & organizations with multiple team
  • Works for companies having multiple branches/offices.
  • Cost effective and high ROI
Small businesses have access to real, interpersonal data that big businesses usually don�t ! PipeCycle helps you to capture every data about your Leads & provide you the ability to send more personal notes than your large, faceless competitors. Do not miss to Capitalize on this.

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No need to switch between apps to communicate with your Leads

With PipeCycle, you can communicate with your leads with ease.

  • Call from the app
  • Text your lead from the app
  • Communicate using Whatsapp
  • Send Mails

Personalize your Conversation with each lead using our pre-built communication templates.

Come on board and Transform your Sales

Creating a PipeCycle Account is as easy as ABC

  • Simple Registration process
  • No Credit card needed
  • Complete Access to all Features
  • Only one registration required for a company

Register now and explore all the features of the easiest CRM software !!


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