Become a registered partner with OneDollarCRM & earn massive benefits.

OneDollarCRM welcomes you to participate in its partner program .

Qualifications for becoming a partner

  • Software Industry Reseller Programs

    This program is restricted to software resellers.

    OneDollarCRM brings 10 years of goodwill it enjoys in the SAAS market , however to forge long lasting serious partner relationships OneDollarCRM’s founder members will directly hand hold every minute aspect of the relationship with Software Industry Resellers . We categorize Resellers as Platinum, Gold, Silver & Carbon . The number of years of existence in the software reseller industry, the partnerships and volume of business & also a minimum guaranty of performance go into categorizing the resellers .

  • Alliance Partner Program

    We invite Alliance Partners from all sectors right from the software product and services players to offline verticals like Insurance , retail , entertainment , travel , government, manufacturing etc . As an Alliance partner you are entitled to Evangelize the power of OneDollarCRM with your customers . OneDollarCRM’s founders will personally enable a symbiotic , rich relationship based on Individual Circumstances.

  • The Dedicated Partner Program

    Folks who would want to market ONLY OneDollarCRM as dedicated partners The selection criteria can be any of these

    • Passion for OneDollarCRM
    • Committed to promote the need of using organized technology tools especially amongst the small business milieu – the millions of business owners who need initiation into the world of technology for their routine business
    • Software Resellers who believe in OneDollarCRM as an option that manages to deliver on all fronts – would want OneDollarCRM to cover all those lacunae that the other competitive players may not be able to .


The qualifications for the Flexi referral Program are as follows

  • The Flexi Partner gets a set of referral codes which are used in his referral promotion efforts. Once a referral cites this referral code he is free to avail his bonus points which can be redeemed for a variety of options , including monetary benefits .
  • The Second Level of Flexi partner Program is meant for partnerships with a degree of Guaranty to their performance.
  • The partner would not need referral codes assigned to his referrals – he will simply compare his list of referrals with the OneDollarCRM marketing Team from time to time & wherever there is a match they stand to derive a lot of benefits !

Mutual Business Program

OneDollarCRM will work alongside you in prospecting with customers . So if you were organizing a webinar , trade fair or even looking at continual avenues of jointly promoting your own product alongwith OneDollarCRM . Ideally suitable for the following profiles

  • Freelancers, Trainers , Consulting Firms
  • Event management firms
  • Media & other platforms reaching out to a mass market base.
  • Loyalty Programs : If you feel your loyalty base of customers need to benefit from the productivity OneDollarCRM brings to their sales – go ahead & make OneDollarCRM an active part of your loyalty program !